Material & Communication

Since many years I do research on life and art – with the means of art. How does life work? What does it mean to create? What are the criteria of an artistic process? How do systems function? How do they communicate and how could the world be better through the perspective of art? And what can art do in crisis?


Walbrodt (Daniel Hoernemann) works with artistic interventions in areas of social development, i.e. where one does not know (and can not know) how to proceed. He gives impulses for a possible expansion of perception, encourages people to think differently and invites them to act creatively. Together with people in schools, companies, administrations and in public space, unusual and innovative situations are created, such as in the office for the use of mistakes and coincidences.

With the artistic interventions he brings a quality of art, which he calls “constructive disturbance with a request for reflection”, into areas of life that are no to art. For this, he uses the everyday communication and processes as material and processes, for example, an administrative process and colors to the regulatory authority for creative. Walbrodt works as a visual artist, consultant, initiator and performer. In his trainings he has moved from one learning situation, from one teacher to the next – from art to art history, to nursing to art therapy and communication and back to art again. Building innovative structures has been as instructive as teaching what he has learned and, above all, always embracing the unknown and uncomfortable. In this way, he combines art with everything that presents itself to him and that interests him. For him, artistic perception, thinking and acting is the return to the essential, which thereby opens up to him again and again.


  • for his concepts Atelier within the Company  and the T.A.N.Z. GmbH he received the Economy Meets Art- award in 2010
  • for his project White Walls he received the Ehrenamtspreis of AIDS-Hilfe NRW in 2007