tiny&tall is a research on the visual artist Erwin Wurm. His works exemplify on a continuous expansion and reactivation of the concept of sculpture or performative sculpture. I relate my practice of daily dances with his works, which deal with everyday objects and performative instructions (scores) and are known for a certain type of humour and irony.

Reflections and notes (excerpts): The living space and objects of daily acts of care such as cooking and cleaning up are the environment and starting point. What degree, what potency of change does the ordinary or the routine need in order to look different or to be experienced as deviating from the known. I choose settings with table, wall or kitchen furniture to explore with material and selected objects. Improvising with these, my movements become more gestural, minimalist and also theatrical. I investigate: What is an everyday action? What is a dance action? What is a sculptural action? Can a sculptural action be transformed into a dance? And back again? What is the essence of sculpture? What is my definition of sculpture? What is the essence of dance? What is my definition of dance? What is the transition from the performative to the sculptural? What -exactly- happens inside me when an unusual action becomes an ordinary action? What is the „distance” between a gesture and a dance? Is a gesture dance? I am discovering and creating for myself the term architectural physical behavior, playing with formation and deformation, with limited space and uncomfortable poses. → Instagram:@jennifer_hoernemann