Body & Space

I began my transdisciplinary work with the study of contemporary dance and performance art. I am inspired by Improvisation as an artistic practice to been researched on collectively and to use as a form of art. The emphasis on embodied knowledge and the dynamics between body and space are crucial to my artistic work.


Jennifer Hoernemann received her professional training in contemporary dance and performance art at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Bachelor of Arts), at the College of Arts, UK and at the Action Theater Institute, USA. Since 1996 she has been working transdisciplinary, developing performance projects for theaters and realizing site-specific work in public spaces.
In her performance work she integrates mixed media as well as installations. Jennifer Hoernemann works and researches as a solo artist and within collective groups, using different approaches and participatory formats. Central to her artistic work are the use of Improvisation as a form of art, the emphasis on embodied knowledge and the dynamics between body and space. Since ten years she also situates her artistic work beyond the realm of theater, into social contexts such as education, economy, science and others.
She also gives individual sessions for bodywork and movement training.

Education & Awards:

  • Studies: contemporary dance and performance art (Bachelor of Arts) Amsterdam University of the Arts.
  • Guest semester at Dartington College of Arts
  • Training Action Theater Institute
  • Education Craniosacral Biodynamics
  • Cologne Dance Theater Award 1998
  • Economy-Meets-Art Award (EMA) 2010