Art & Society

Our collaborative work includes performances, participatory formats and artistic interventions. Coming from the fields of visual art and performing art, we situate us in different contexts, such as education, economy, science or others. We initiate long-term projects with people from other disciplines and various artistic collectives, national and international.

Hoernemann & Walbrodt

In working as a duo, our ideas and formats are created through dialog. The communicative and participative is the basic substance of our work, which can be found in the various contexts of our society. Sometimes we are invited, sometimes we invite ourselves – bringing artistic perception, thinking and action into systems where it is not to be found or is not even expected. We create artistic synapses and new points of connections. Where does art happen? And with whom? What can art do? Where is the Atelier between people? We often bring it with us: conceptually, spatially, materially and as an atmosphere. Or we initiate projects and collaborate with different artists in order to continuously promote co-authorship and collective leadership. Originally coming from the fields of visual arts (Walbrodt) and dance performance (Hoernemann), transdisciplinary and experimental work quickly and consistently became the signature of our work: with performances, participatory installations, artistic interventions, exhibitions, social sculptures and atmospheres for co-creation. We work locally in Bonn, throughout Germany and in international networks.