AExpertirience – is a neologism created by Heinrichs and Walbrodt that opens up a common space for aesthetics (art), expertise (science) and experience (practice).

Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs (Leuphana University) and Walbrodt met in 2018 at the Bergische Klimagespräche of the Wuppertal Institute. They developed the idea of a joint project in the context of an artistic-scientific policy consultation on the topic of sustainability. After several workshops, the project was launched in 2020 in the joint municipality of Wathlingen (Celle district, Lower Saxony). The topic was: activating citizens for sustainable projects. Until March 2021, a scientific study with interviews, an analysis of documents and several surveys and the following four artistic interventions were created:

`The fundamental office for the impossible´ ( collects topics for sustainable development.

`The atelier for all´offers space for citizens to develop creative impulses and ideas in prototypes.

`The talks for sustainability´ invite people from the community who do not yet know each other to connect and exchange ideas.

`The day of sustainability´ bring the entire community together, every year to celebrate the future and to Look forward.

As an aesthetic materialisation, Walbrodt arranges the results from both researches in the town hall of the municipality of Wathlingen in a certain style of a “salon hanging”. From January to July 2023, AExpertirience will enter its second phase. Results and reports will be published here from February 2024 on.