In our collaborations with different schools (and types of schools), we have always been guided by the question of how artistic impulses can have a lasting effect in the context of education. This has led us to different formats and interventions. All of this formats address and work on school as a entire system and introduce a continuous presence of artists.

Creativity in interspaces
What can art do in schools? For one year we were as a Team of artists continously present in a school. We researched, made contact and developed actions, interventions, communication processes, objects, rituals, spaces and performances. The publication about the project contains documentary material and contributions from fourteen different authors on the subject of learning atmospheres, cultural development in schools and artistic processes.

i think with my knee anyway
With five artists from different disciplines and in cooperation with theater monteure, we intensively dealt with the works of Joseph Beuys and performed continously for three days in a high school.

unique?irrational?responsible? With this project we merged art lessons with math lessons. New numbers between 0 and 9 were invented, christened (e.g. Nörf) and danced as a choreographic mini-sequence. Geometry lessons then took place with painting utensils in our studio.

With the Temporary PerformanceSecretary, we were at break times present at the school and invited all people (students, teachers, parents, janitors, management, school support staff, cleaning team…) to join our installations.

Here I am is a participatory performance with five different artists (music, dance, direction, acting and visual arts) on identity and self-awareness, performed simultaneously in three classrooms. It was created in collaboration with theater monteure.

Arte Noah. Students from different schools were able to jointly formulate and design essential values based on the question: What should be saved?

The mobile studio and The Third Tower are art projects that emerged from specific problems of the school and expanded them with artistic perspectives.