Again and again, we ask ourselves  how we can pass on or how can we share our knowledge and experience. Due to many invitations of various contexts, such universities or educational programmes, we develop seminars, workshops, lectures, training modules, lecture demonstrations and design, depending on the occasion, specific learning atmospheres or learning places and processes. We refer to the space, we use our material and play with the possibilities of interaction to make complex processes of artistic action more tangible, concrete and applicable. For example:

Alanus Hochschule, Bonn// for MA students in business // two week seminars and consulting: Management as an art process 

Tonali-Bühnenakademie, Hamburg// for classical musicians, first-year academistas // two-day workshop: Stadt.Kunst.Intervention- artistic strategies in public space

Trinational Summerschool: Experimenting with transdisciplinary research, Freiburg // for MA students and PhD students from Economic Sciences, Global/Cultural Studies, Applied Ethics, Sustainability, Transition Resarch, and others // keynote lecture and three-hour workshop: Artistic Interventions

University of Siegen Department of Art, Siegen // for students (MA, BA) Art education and social work // two-day seminar: Body-Space-Movement: Actions & Performative Strategies in Space 

Stadtmuseum & VHS & und.Institut, Bonn: Conference ZUsammenKUNFT-Erkundungen am Epochenrand // for citizens & politicians // one-hour impulse workshop: Artistic approaches

Karl Schlecht Stifung- Haus der Wirtschaft, Berlin // for master students and doctoral candidates // four-day workshop: Art and Leadership

Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, Bonn u. Eschborn // cooperation with Kerstin Pettenkofer // for employees // 2x two-day workshops: Designing basic principles of sustainability and creation

Alanus Hochschule “Participatory Art”, Bonn // for students of the university // Kick-off event of the Open Forum:Zuschauen? Mitmachen!