For various training contexts we develop seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, training modules and lecture demonstrations . Depending on the different occasions, we create and design learning atmospheres and unique processes.

Management as an art process // Teaching seminars and consulting portfolio // Alanus University, Bonn // for MA Business students

Stadt.Kunst.Intervention – artistic strategies in public space // Two-day workshop // Tonali-Bühnenakademie, Hamburg // for classical musicians

Artistic interventions // Keynote speech and three-hour workshop // Trinational Summerschool: Experimenting with transdisciplinary research, Freiburg // for MA students and doctoral candidates from Economic Sciences, Global/Cultural Studies, Applied Ethics, Sustainability, Transition Resarch, Hydrology, etc.

Body-Space-Movement: actions & performative strategies in space // two-day seminar // University of Siegen Department of Art // for students (MA, BA) studying to become teachers of art and social work

Artistic approaches // one-hour impulse workshop // Stadtmuseum & VHS & und.Institut, Bonn: ZUsammenKUNFT – Erkundungen am Epochenrand conference // for citizens and politicians

Art & Leadership // four-day workshop Karl Schlecht Foundation – Haus der Wirtschaft, Berlin // for Master’s students

Designing the basic principles of sustainability yourself // 2 x two-day workshops // Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, Bonn and Eschborn (in cooperation with Kerstin Pettenkofer) // for employees

What can art do in schools? // three-hour lecture & moderated exchange of experiences

Watch? Join in! // Kick-off event of the Open Forum and three-hour workshop // Alanus University “Participatory Art”, Bonn // for students of the university