We create spaces and atmospheres where inspiration and co-creative work are possible. Our score for a possible collaboration is:

Being invited to the planning of an event as an artist:in I Researching values and intentions of the event I Communicating a lot I Building trust I Developing different atmospheres and artistic impulses out of and for it I Providing creativity and material I Co-designing the way of being together, the venue and the process I Being artistically present I Inviting and inspiring I Reflecting together.

A few examples:

For the FairTrade Congress in Cologne, we constructed a temporary and mobile studio from which we invited visitors:inside to design what was missing.

We designed the two-day event of the KlinikPartnerschaften programme of the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) in Berlin with our art-based moderation, a dance performance with contact improvisation and haptic work with materials.

At the International Aids Conference (IAC) in Amsterdam, we worked with visitors at the German BMZ stand on “Fill up your energy with creativity!” and with the points of inspiration.

For the tenth anniversary of Westwärts by Engagement Global in Berlin, we designed a large-scale map with the guests for the visions of the next ten years.

At several citizen participation processes of the city of Bonn and at EqualCareDay 2023, we set up studio spaces and were present as a source of inspiration.

At the opening event TON 1 of the Berlin Union Film/AtelierGardens in Berlin Tempelhof we were present with the office for the use of mistakes and coincidences.

Bandwidth Horizon was a community artwork at an annual conference of the Institute for Social Organics at the Alanus University in Bonn.