Zukunft:Kunst e.V. was founded in September 2021 together with ten colleagues and friends as a non-profit association. We are committed to introduce and integrate artistic perception, thinking and action into the various areas of society and generally to raise awareness for the arts as a dynamic force for social change. The association works on the establishment and further development of projects that combine art with sustainability, diversity and inclusion and enables the publication of texts, books and brochures on these topics. Our current projects are:

2022/23: Kreativität in Zwischenräumen 

May 2023: Publication1 Jeder Mensch ein:e Künstler:in & Jeder Ort ein Atelier (Everybody an artist & every location an atelier)

May 2023: Publication2 Was kann Kunst in Schule? (What can art do at school?)

2023/2024: miteinANDERS! As part of InneHaltestellen

Juli -Okt. 2023: G17 for Pluralism, joining the future network  Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum

2023/2024: Conception and establishment of artistic places and processes in context of sustainibility at rural communities

Opening in Feburary 2024: FREI*BAD (take a free bath or take a bath in freedom), Space for art, creativity and communication, Bonn

We meet every six to eight weeks, to connect, to exchange ideas and to develop common entrepreneurship. You are heartly invited! If you are interested, please contact us: zukunftkunst@posteo.de

Association statutes (in german)