You dance, while I sit in your past and we watch her future which is our presence

is a research on the possibilies of (worldwide) co-creative work of dance artists in cyber. I am working on a model for a dance (time-synchronous) research practice with a special focus on dealing with the different world time zones and on building a worldwide network of dancers whose artistic focus is working with improvisation in everyday spaces and natural spaces. I am particularly interested in the phenomenon and challenges of synchronicity within time zones with the contrasts of day, night realities and contrasting seasons. And how I can ingeniously and extensively use the media, designed for verbal communication and information for creative exchange. My own artistic practice of daily dances, developed five years ago, is the starting point and inspiration. daily dances are spontaneous, short improvisations that take place in my immediate everyday environment. Here, the focus is on working with the “unrecognized” space and the spontaneously improvised reaction to it. I play with experiences of everday-sequences  and the atmospheres of these spaces and reinterpret them in my dance. With `You dance, while I sit in your past…´ I experiment with the approach of daily dances together with other artists from the time zones AEDT, PST, KST and ICT in virtual formats.

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