In my movement work I continuously Connect situations, qualities and circumstances. Every person is mobile and physically present according to individual possibilities. This and the desire for change that you bring with you is what I refer to first and foremost. What is needed now in terms of impulses that uncover the potential for joy of movement and competence in movement? What is the right amount of inspiration and challenge?

I work a lot with a kind of “active lying”. Our body organizes itself differently to gravity in this position and we then have more opportunities for exploration. Or I offer an easy movement sequence that includes a transition between levels -close to the ground, seated and vertical.

I impart knowledge of deep-working muscles significantly involved in our uprightness. And I make it clear how we can address them through imagination and specific movements (experiential anatomy). I lead small playful improvisations dedicated to a theme, such as connecting the pelvis and feet. Or we explore together which routines of self-use and posture in everyday life promote tension or illness and how these patterns can be consciously (and playfully) changed.