For us, to work inclusive means perceiving everyone and everything very consciously as a unique beeing. We created formats, which do not (just) include strangers, but rather bring individual participants together in a new sustainable way.

We developed the first “obstacle-potentials” for the Inclusive Education program of the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development). These are indivual applications that can be worn, strapped around or tied to the body and then move with. “Obstacles” (e.g. do not stop) are written on them. “Obstacles”, which according to our understanding of creativity, are containing and representing a potential at the same time.

With the Arrivalkitchen, Funde by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we prepared food in public space with strangers and friends and exchanged ideas about the concept of warmth.

In the “lost property office for searching movements” we asked people passing by what they are missing or have found. The “lost property office for searching movements” was a part of the programfor addiction prevention from the state of Saxony .

The “transformation office for essentials” encourages passengers to move through three areas of this performative installation. (1. arrival/registration= presence, 2. conversation/drinking tea= warmth, 3. error certificates/word creation game= inspiration).

Breaking fresh ground & Hinderpotenziale is a research with the inclusive working theatregroup i can be your translator  and in cooperation with Schwankhalle Bremen/ Netzwerk Freier Theater about non-verbal, non-discursive ways of collective leadership in diverse artist groups.