breaking fresh ground is a time and space for exchange, deepening, reflection and inspiration. This field of interaction, lasting several days, creates a framework for artists and actors from different disciplines to experiment together, to pursue a need for retreat or exchange.

As inviters, we provide an orienting structure and supporting questions. But no moderation in the sense of a workshop or seminar. We understand this space as an opportunity to get to know unknown and known people, their language, their approaches and their experiences in the field of art and social sculpture. We research in common action and act in common research. Friction and reconnection can emerge. The following questions are our ground:

What happens through our coming together? How does something essentially new emerge? What does it mean to “plow” in our context? And how can we combine our forces and activities for this?

The next breaking fresh ground will take place in spring 2024. If you are interested, please contact us at :